Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions / Reservation Agreement. All vehicles are non-smoking! Rental of Limousine & Cars is with full acknowledgment and agreement of the following terms and conditions:

TIME TO COMPLAIN: Any complains about INCORRECT PRICE, UNSATISFACTORY SERVICE or INCORRECT VEHICLE must be heard in 48 HOURS AFTER SERVICE. Any complains after 48 hours of completed service can be dismissed without reviewing it by the Director of Operations or Company Owners.

RESERVATIONS: RADI Limousine requires a major Credit Card to process any and all reservations. All on-line reservations must be made at least 12 hours prior to the pick up time. For shorter notices, please call our office at (708) 243-3837 or Toll Free (866) 935-7234.

CANCELLATION POLICY: ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE after reservation was made; Regular Sedan & SUV's airport pickups: any reservation with the pickup time before 9:00AM canceled after 7:30PM a day before pickup and any reservation with the pickup after 9:00AM canceled less than 4 hours before the pickup time will incur the entire charge of the event to the current Credit Card on file. Stretch Limousine airport pickups: Any cancellation made less than 24 hours before the pickup time will incur the entire charge of the event to the current Credit Card on file; Any cancellation (except airport transportation) made less than 7 days before the reservation date will incur the entire charge of the event to the current Credit Card on file; Any weddings & proms (homecoming and other school events) cancellations made less than 21 days before the reservation date, will incur the entire charge of the event to the current Credit Card on file.

GATE MEETS: Our Chauffeurs, can meet you at the baggage terminal and assist you with your luggage to the Car or Limousine. The charge for this service is $25.00 (Unless you need a professional Greeter -- to meet you at the baggage claim area and bring you outside to the Car/Limousine! The rate is $50.00)... Upon arrival go directly to the baggage area and claim your luggage. Our Chauffeur will be at your baggage claim area and will be holding a sign with the client name on it -- If you do not make contact with our Chauffeur, customer should call our office immediately. Please, do not leave the airport without contacting our office at (708) 243-3837. Failure to contact us will result in a NO SHOW fee of the full original amount due plus the $25.00 (or $50.00) Meet & Greet charge.

WEDDINGS/PROMS: RADI Limousine reserves the right to substitute in SEVERE WEATHER & EMERGENCIES and cannot be held liable due to accidental or mechanical failure on or before date of reservation. Final payment must be either cash or Credit Card.

EXTRA STOPS, WAITING TIME or EXTRA PASSENGERS: Includes in all airport transportation, Flat Rates, Sporting Events & Concerts. Extra Stops are a minimum charge of $20.00 depending on mileage. Airport Customers are given One Hour (60 minutes) to locate luggage and contact our office. Flat rate trips are given 15 minutes of prearranged time to load and depart -- Waiting time will apply after 15 minutes. All Sporting Events & Concerts, are given 30 minutes to locate vehicle. After these time limits a waiting fee will be assessed ranging from $1.00 - $3.00 per minute there after depending on which vehicle you have reserved.

CUSTOMER (CLIENTS) DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Customer or renter is responsible for his/her Guests, for any & all damage to the interior (or exterior) and equipment of the vehicle. This is including but not limited to: gum, wine and any alcohol spillage -- vomiting, breakage of champagne, wine or any drink glasses, decanters; breakage of Limo lights, television, radio or any part of Car/Limousine, etc... Cleaning, repair or replacement of items shall have a minimum charge of at least $150.00 (dollars). Broken glasses are charged $15.00 (dollars) for each. All Passengers, agree to behave in a orderly and well-behaved manner. RADI Limousine, reserves the right to expel any Passenger, from the vehicle and or terminate our obligation in the event of a breach of contract of any of these conditions, by any Passenger.  In the event of such early termination -- No portion of the rental fees shall be refunded. All fees for damages, will be assessed to the Credit Card on file after a thorough investigation and determination of all charges involved. 

PERSONAL ITEMS: As we are happy to let you bring personal (and other various personal...) items we do not take any responsibility for items that are left in the vehicle during or after completion of the Limousine rental period.

Thank you for choosing RADI Limousine!!!